iDetox Holidays aim is to bring the best teachers and trainers together so you can enjoy and benefit from all they have learned in thier capacity on their own journey to becoming trainers. We want to share these gifts with as many people as possible and in the most enjoyable way.

Jenny Yemaya is the principal facilitator & co-founder of iDetox Holidays. She qualified in 2008 as a Health Educator at the Worlds leading alternative health institute, Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida. She is also a massage therapist & experienced facilitator of holistic retreats. Her passion for travel, sacred sites, swimming with wild dolphins & whales & raw vegan food led her to creating retreats that pieced together everything that had improved her own life for the better.

Her motivation in life has always been to get to the core, whether it be to do with existence, health, relationships, spirituality or environmental issues, her mission has been to find the authentic truth underlying it all & live in accordance with these laws. Her life’s vocation is to share the wisdom she has learned on her own journey with others in order to empower them on their own paths.

The choices we make can set us apart from the norm until you find supportive like minded community and events to help you on your own journey. We are here to help you do just that.

In 2012 Jenny Yemaya fulfilled a lifetime dream to create The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center on the island of Bimini Bahamas. The ideal retreat location where we now have our own retreat center in paradise. We offer scheduled retreats throughout the year on certain dates (see coming events), along with an annual retreat back in the UK in January each year. Our retreat center is also available for hire for your own retreats, for groups of 12-20. Please email us for more details on our group rates. We offer swimming with wild free dolphins, yoga and plant based gourmet nutrition. Bliss guaranteed !!