Beginners Read This!

You might be asking yourself what is this all about? How is this any different to any other diet or retreat that works in the short term, but long term the weight creeps back on and the same health issues prevail.

This is not some new fad diet. What we teach is a lifestyle change. The origins of this diet date back to ancient times and scriptures, laid out as a code for right living in harmony with mother earth and our true essence, our authentic self.

We will empower you with the information you need to take responsibility for your own health, weight and wellbeing. Society shows the ill effects of generations expectations of “the magic pill” being the answer, where in reality we are in the worst state of health ever. Masking symptoms is not the answer, our program takes you on a journey to the core issues of your wellbeing, giving you back your birthright, your health & a life well lived.

Our program is designed around LIFE. By this we mean raw & living foods that give you life, health, clarity and the weight you are designed to be. Food that is cooked above 118 degrees destroys all nutrients and enzymes. Our food is raw vegan, organic and full of life force for optimum nutrition, a strong immune system & an alkaline environment within where dis-ease cannot exist.

Food is just one aspect of what we have to offer you. IDetox holidays are a group experience, for some people this is the first taste of living in a community based ideal. Our nature is to need the love and support of like minded souls, to share our joys as well as our problems, to inspire and encourage one another. Detox occurs on many cellular levels & relationships can be just as toxic to us as our foods. The opportunity to be in a supportive community can help encourage you to face important life changes in order to rid your personal world of anything toxic.

Exercise can be daunting at times, particularly getting back in the flow. Having a program designed to meet all needs with an expert that can get you back in the swing can be all it takes to start the enthusiasm rolling again & get the endorphins flowing. Our teachers are experts in motivation and making movement and exercise fun.

Meditation is a word that conjures up panic in the minds of those who have tried and found they just can’t “switch off”. Our team of experts have spent many years visiting various retreats, sacred sites and modalities for being “in the moment” & attaining mindfulness. Our guided meditations are aimed at introducing you to new depths of yourself, that you may never have journeyed to before, supporting you every step of the way. Learning how to “let go” enables a space for the new to enter.

Your abundant new life starts here. We are dedicated to supporting you in the direction of your dreams. Are you ready to live?